Friday, December 26, 2003

Boxing Day

If at USK we used to go as hunt followers to a meet and watch .
my mother loved the sherry and warm mince pies

BBC News | FOX HUNTING | Hunting countries of UK and Ireland

but which? Google Search: "fox hunting" monmouthshire

I will be sorry to see it go but Denmark manages without by substituting cross country riding events like Hubertus cross country riding, a bit like a steeple chase against tiem.

Hubertus 2002

Google Search: Ponyracer site:dk

Dyrlægevagten - Shetlandspony

The horse's paces in Danish from a leaflet

informationshæfter: "10) Hestens gangarter
Gennemgang af de tre gangarter sæledes:
1) Skridt: Samlet skridt, Middelskridt, Fri skridt. walk
2) Trav: Samlet-, Arbejds-, Middel- og Fri trav. trot
3) Galop: Samlet galop, Arbejdsgalop, Middelgalop og Fri galop. Hæftet afslutter med et afsnit om gangarternes betydning." canter and gallop

The Training of Cavalry Remount Horses, by Capt. L. E. Nolan: "The Horse's Paces. "

Furthermore of the three ordinary horse paces - walk, gallop and trot
- Islandic horse has unique Paces of his own, running walk and pass

The Horses prayer: "To thee, my master, I offer my prayer"

I enjoyed riding SHEILA at the St John's farm, Chepstow
and our schooling by Mrs.Meade - the headmaster's wife.
Sarah Meade their daughter was a good rider and was at St Johns on the Hill, Chepstow with the boys.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Jai Maharaj
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