Thursday, January 26, 2006

Royal Engineers Chatham

Reunions: "In 2006 the RE Band will be celebrating it's 150th Anniversary and it is hoped that we can gather together as many ex-members as possible.

The confirmed date for the Anniversary is June 1st 2006 and we are planning to hold a dinner in the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess, Brompton Barracks. Another event will coincide with the Open Weekend 15/16/17 September 2006."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


RE Staff Band Aldershot

desktop size image

very large image

J/Musn. J. Mason Musn. M. Collins J/Musn. B. Rance Musn. L. Ovenden Musn. T. Higgins Musn. V. Harcombe Musn. A. Mattey Musn. F. Loveridge

Musn. J. Taylor Musn. M. Harvey Musn. E. Ashmore Musn. T. Reany L./Cpl. J. Stanford J/Musn. R. Brickwood Musn. J. Leese Musn. R. Gardner Musn. A. Sedgwick Musn. H. Watkins B

Musn. M. Wood Musn. R. Walton Musn. J. Rawlings Musn. D. White L/Cpl. J. Wilderman Musn. J. Hannah Musn. B. Eden Musn. J. Tait Musn. D. Francis B

L/Cpl. P. Kime Cpl. P. Skinner Cpl. L. Patton Cpl. F. Newman B.S.M. T. Smith Major L. N. Dunn, M.B.E., A.R.C.M., R.E. Sgt. T. Hucker Cpl. F. Barratt B

Cpl. H. Meadowcroft L/Cpl. T. Williams L/Cpl. R. Graham

Musician Watkins with trombone

trombonist Hugh

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Oddly Enough News Article "AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch police have arrested a thief they dubbed the 'salamander man' who talked his way into the homes of dozens of unsuspecting people by saying he was looking for his lost salamander, hamster or iguana.
Police said Monday they had been hunting the 33-year-old homeless man for months and that he had admitted to about 60 thefts in towns across the country.
Once inside a house, the man stole wallets and loose cash. Police arrested him Friday after a tip off and found nine empty wallets in his car, which had been stolen the day before. "

My aunty Norah Lapham met one of these burglers in her living room in Gloucester England

"Pussy Pussy" and he said he was looking for his lost cat

Aunty aged 88 set about walloping him with her walking stick, and chased him out of the window he used to come in on that warm summers day.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks

British Hallmarks
A typical set of antique British silver hallmarks shows(left to right) ;
Standard Mark, City Mark, Date Letter, Duty Mark and Maker's Mark
London Hallmarks dates

so the three crested forks my grandfather was given in payment of a legal debt were made in 1833 in London

and today The Goldsmiths' Company - Hallmarking Services

all my other silver inherited from my grandmother is plate

Friday, January 20, 2006

at CPH airport

about five years ago taken by my daughter Manja Kristoffersen

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

signal box

GWR signal
My school friend H.V. A. Boxall, another Hugh, took this photograph for me and developed and printed it in the photography darkroom in the Science School at Clifton College

I wrote in about 1950:-
The signal is of the type for use in restricted space tilting (ie rotating) The chip on the lower edge of the arm was removed during the war by an out of gauge load - I used to visit the North Box and work the bells and levers, and was told this by a signalman.
The location was by the Ashton Swing Bridge, which was double decked with road over railway, Brunel Way at Bristol over the river Avon at the end of the docks

bigger I was a keen railway modeller and felt it was worth documenting.