Friday, June 18, 2004

RBS: Group Constituent Histories - The National Provincial Bank

this was my father's employer

>>In 1924 was restyled National Provincial Bank. The initial post war boom was followed by the stock market crash of 1929 and economic depression and the reduced demand for loans, particularly from business, led the bank to consolidate<<
and our family bank in 2 or 3 generations

my mother as a widow for more than fifty years enjoyed staff banking privileges until she died age 91 - and a pension

>> The bank later introduced the personal loan and, in 1965, issued the precursor of the cheque card. In 1968 National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank announced their decision to merge, effective from 1970, as National Westminster Bank.
RBS: Introducing Our Archives - Hidden Treasures

"Hidden treasures
In addition to banking-related records, the Royal Bank’s collections, perhaps unexpectedly, include:

the records of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies - the Scottish equivalent of the East India Company, which was set up in the 1690s to develop Scottish trade with the Far East by establishing a trading colony in Panama;
the customer ledgers of a seventeenth century Amsterdam merchant - listing ribbons, cloths and other goods;
the records of the Equivalent Company - set up to manage disbursement of the money granted to Scotland under the Act of Union in 1707;
the records of the contractors responsible for paying the British forces in North America during the American War of Independence in the 1770s - including letters giving first-hand accounts of engagements and lists of warships and their weaponry;
the early records of the Royal Marines - including lists of marines, pay, duties and vessels from the 1790s.
These "hidden treasures" are testament to both the diversity of our archives and the importance of banks and bankers in modern times."

The Bankers Benevolent Fund - about us - past
helped pay for my education

such memories I have beautiful wooden counters all scrapped now - collecting for bank Clerk's Orphans every christmas - father late home because a few pennies missing in the final daily accounts.