Sunday, November 21, 2004

A life sized figure of Victorian soldier in the barracks display at Aldershot Military Museum well i used to live in Gibralter Barracks on Queens Avenue so I better try and visit this

Queens Avenue, Aldershot
Hampshire GU11 2LG

tel 01252 314598
fax 01252 342942

The story of Aldershot Military Town, and the civil towns of Aldershot and Farnborough.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Mrs Brown , You've got a lovely daughter,

film from 1968 seen on TCM

– I just love seeing the backgrounds from my youth, like the gas cooker with a platewarmer just like I remembr from my childhood

I dropped into Bobbi Bar for a Grøn and a browse through the danish newspaper Information and was greeted by an aquaintance from the Faroes - Tórstein from Fuglafjórdur (I hope I got his name right ) He was there a pupil of the late Owen Stanesby.

Owen's student ATLI ELLENDERSEN (Violino) has made a career for himself in Brazil too

Tórstein had played his oboe for me once but today he was playing, and losing, cafe chess.
His opponent was a danish architect who had worked as a newspaper boy for a year when he was 12 to save up and buy a piano, and so his little brother was so talented that he bacame an organist in the parish of Nakskov at the age of 12 and today is a well known professional.

Don't play cafe chess against an architect because their fine visual perceptiion gives them a great advantage.

Before the internet there was the gummishoe net which is what I'm usimg just now, which means putting this on a floppy and walking it round the office, or taking it to a friend's machiner to copy paste into my blogs which is going top be good for my career as a writer – nothing else to do but get stcuck in to my viking novel.

Many public machines no longer allow floppies so that may prove difficult.

Exploring is going to be limited in time availabler, and I am doing web mail on friends' or library or cybercafe machines - so expect up to 7 days delay in answerig Gmail and AOL will be kings because they have BIGGER MAILBOXES.

I am making too many typos caused by changing keyboards to a slightly smaller very cheap Hewlett Packard one (low priced because it has no Windows key) from the Microsoft natural keyboaard which I usually prefer to use. Both with the danish keyboard layout with all the handy accents on double strike keys.

This machine still thinks that it is on line Control Alt delete shows all sorts of junk running.
back on line

I am borrowing my duaghters machine for this

so I am going to install AOL9 and do a clean up

AVG ante virus

spybot blaster


Spybot – search & destroy


Which was wishfull thinking, because it had viruses and was as untidy as a teenagers's bedroom!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Suicide and untreated depression

News & Star

Please help me... I’m dying. I’ve just taken 50 sleeping tablets and I’m starting to drop off... help me... I thought I wanted to die but now I’m so frightened... please... help me.”

Carlisle lecturer Andy Marlow knows what it’s like to answer the telephone and hear such a desperate plea. But he refuses to talk about his experiences in much detail. The protocol of the Samaritans is very specific and must be adhered to at all times. Calls are confidential and this understanding is deeply embedded in all Samaritans.

“Yes, I’ve had one or two calls like that,” he says cautiously. “But I can’t talk about them. We guarantee to everyone who calls that everything is in the strictest of confidence. I just can’t break that trust.

By listening you keep the person talking until the ambulance picks him up and the medic takes the telephone and says "We have got him"

Google Search: site:uk suicide samaritan

Welcome to "Depression is not something you can just 'snap out of.' It's caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, along with other factors. Like any serious medical condition, depression needs to be treated.
This site offers information designed to help you get the facts and learn how to manage depression, clinically known as major depressive disorder."

Re: The Bombay Army, 1880s and sixties London

from my email.-

>To: "Hugh Watkins" <>
>Subject: Re: The Bombay Army, 1880s
>Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 00:04:30 -0500
>>my old bassoon teacher from 1958 to 1965 Frank Rendell played in
>>the Governor of India's Band in about 1910 ish

>>Yes and Frank told me their bandmaster was interned in 1914
>>the Governor's wife knew Lehar because they had been ambassador in
>>Vienna previously
>>she told the BM that Lehar hated the viennese lilt in waltzes
>>"tea spoons at the end of the bow" ie Vienna Cafe or gypsy style.
>>Frank Rendell played in the Grenadier Guards under Dr Williams and
>>was professor of bassoon at Kneller Hall and the Guildhall School
>>of Music - Eton too was it Prince Michael played bassoon

Frank was really proud of that student and brought Prince Michael's instrument to his classes and let us, his other students, try it - we weren't spit squeamish in those days - teacher and pupil tried the same reeds and the teacher adjusted them with his knife which was the only way to check if they worked ok and were playable or if the weird noises were cause by technical problems and not the student's incompetence or ignorance

>>Charles was trumpet and there was a royal school girl oboeist too

(my memory takes a day or two to get at the deeply buried data)
It was Princess Anne at Benenden
- Judith Thomas, my first wife, who studied oboe at the Royal Academy with John Field and his successor who was the mother of actress Jane Asher
AHA using google to jog my memory Margaret Asher (or did she use her maiden name Margaret Elliot? )
was discretely invited to teach "you know who" but she taught at Bedales and turned Benenden down and played firtst oboe with the Royal Ballet orchestra on tour
- which is how I learned about theatrical digs and travelled on the special ballet train on sundays with vans at the back for the scenery. And after a week as a dputy second bassoon at Eastbourne Thetre with them got passed on the the Halle orcestra as an occaisional third bassoon when the reguslar third bassoon palyed contra. bassoon

"Her father, Dr. Richard Asher, was a psychiatrist and her mother Margaret Augusta Eliot was a classical music professor at the Guildhall School of Drama and Music." definitely the Royal Academy of Music (Which just shows how errors get on the web)
I met her there at a concert in Dukes Hall when Judith played a solo, . and Jane was there as a teen with stunning long dark auburn hair - once seen never forgotten. This was about 1959
Judith later told me that Dr. Richard Asher committed suicide about the time of the McCartney affair - Judith and I totally ignored the Beatles because we were so deeply into classical music - LOL !
But my mother sent us SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND LP for Christmas 1967 my mother was a fan but I was too immature to understand that music and played the LP about once..

another was on the BBC this week talking about David Monroe the recorder player (and baroque and early music revivalist, who asked us to play old oboes) as if he pioneered the recorder
Not true Arnold Dolmetsch did that - the father of Dr. Carl Dolmetsch, CBE, (born in Fonteney-sous Bois, 1911, died on July 11, 1997) has that honour, which makes David Monroe part of the third generation of modern recorder players. We probaly met through the Galpin Society
- I met that clan , the Dolmetsch Ensemble, on the tube on the way to Waterloo - I asked if a large music instrument in a canvas bag was a contra bassoon - "No an arch lute," was the reply.
Natalie Dolmetsch invited me to Haslemere and showed me round and suggested I learn the baroque bassoon. I declined because the modern Heckel bassoon was difficult enough to master even with all the helpful improvements of two centuries of development. I was impressed to hear the family speaking french at home - my first meeting with a bilingual family.
David Monroe died shockingly young and it was said on the BBC this week that he had committed suicide.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Shop for Prestige 5L High Dome Aluminium Pressure Cooker. at
I need to get one of these

I had my first one in 1960 when I married Judith Thomas,
and it was a present from Joseph Foreman.
I am trying to make this an all blog day
I am delving deeper and deeper into my memories to get matierial for the VIKING NOVEL

I neeed 3000 words to maintain the plan for 2004 NaNoWriMo

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I was really excited to find a map of Tórshavn before the roads were built
Det Kongelige Bibliotek
REX: online katalog

Vælg > Specialsamlingerne

Kortsamlingen the collection of maps and charts

Thorshavn med omliggende Tröer [1902]
made by the General Staff 1:5 000

this shows the footpaths I loved to explore


with cairns every few yards to help the traveller if he was caught in the fog - otherwise you might fall off a cliff if you got it wrong.