Wednesday, January 19, 2005

History of Solihull from my childhood and before Google Search: solihull 1945

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Google Search: my born-again christian days 1953
more latin - DV as we used to say

???? testin' testing Deus Vincit = god willing OOOPS

-- 110. We have had the expression “Deus vult.” That means “God wills it or wants it. “Vult” can simply mean he/she/it wants. What do these sentences mean with “vult?” --

13. Deus vult.
14. Deo volente

looks like it is more correct
"Deus Vincet" google says Did you mean: "Deus Vincit"

The letter began thus: "VENI, VIDI, DEUS VINCIT" "I came, I saw, God Conquered."

well I still learn every day

I picked up the phrase in my born-again christian days at Loughborough College from 1953 to 1956 and missunder stood it !

Age 14 I had to chose between latin or sciemce at Clifton College and went for science and maths.

Loughborough University Library:The University Archives: "Loughborough College of Technology" as it was called then.

Google Search: "billy graham" 1953 england london spilled over into the Student Christian Movement


Civil Service Christian Union 1952 to 1967: " Dr. Billy Graham, who has been much used by God in the U.S.A., is to begin a Crusade, in the Harringay Arena, on the 1st March, 1954... "

I also went on a course at the Keswick Convention Centre, Cumbria
Cumbria GoLakes - E&A Details: "A 129-year-old bible convention, attracting Christian people from around the world. Meetings are held every day, adult, youth and children's programme." Welcome to Keswick Ministries

My mother went there in about 1929 and also ended up an atheist in her old age.