Thursday, February 24, 2005

Loughborough University when I was there 1953 to 1956
iit was called a CAT - a College of Advanced Technology

LISU - History of LISU: "The Library and Information Statistics Unit was set up in 1987, to continue the statistical work of CLAIM (the Centre for Library and Information Management). It was based within the (then) Department of Library and Information Studies at Loughborough University of Technology,"

Design Studies: History of the Design profession (English): "History of the Industrial Design Profession
Art, Craft and Industry - Britain 1840 -1920
Raw Materials1800 1850
Coal 6m tonnes 125m tonnes
Iron 170,000 t 678,000 t
Value of Cotton 1.5m pounds sterling 26.5m pounds sterling

Population1720 1800 1850
Manchester8,000 100,000 400,000
Birmingham15,000 73,000 183,000"

University Committees - Academic Registry - Loughborough University

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coming to university is more than reading for a degree

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Stuart Models: "Over the last hundred years, Stuart Turner of Henley in Oxfordshire have produced some of the most enduring designs for model steam stationary engines and associated machinery. Through a combination of sound engineering design, elegant proportions and some of the finest castings available, the engines have been built in their thousands and continue to be made to this day. "

Google Search: Stuart Turner of Henley in Oxfordshire

History of the Steam Engine - The Lancashire Boiler

I like boilers because I was a child of the steam age with a railway at the bottom of the garden in Sutton Coldfield.
I must have been put out in my pram to sleep but have absolutely no memory of "The Cottage" at all, because my parents moved to Solihull before I was 2 years of age.

We kept coal in the coal house at 230 Widney Lane and I had the pleasure of breaking it with a hammer into grate sized lumps and filling the coal scuttle. I always hoped to see a fossil amongst the layers of sediment.

Then O gauge model trains, and a steam powed boat wth a single cylender oscilating engine by Stuart Turner.

For central heating coke fired boilers of cast iron were standard, which meant you could make toast beneath the fire bars on a shovel in the ash pit.

There were still steam fired factories with great blackened lancashire boilers, and my first pressure cooker in 1960

Hot Fingers !
History of the Steam Engine - the Cornish boiler

History of the Steam Engine: "Care And Feeding of a Steam Boiler"