Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Georges Simenon

Le Centre d'études Georges Simenon et le Fonds Simenon de l'Université de Liège

Georges Simenon : biographie Marie-Jo
every father's greatest fear

his daughter wote a note which said she committed suicide because she could not find a husband to love as much as she loved her father

Paris Match 1981: Simenon

Marie-Jo had all the gifts: she composed poetry and songs, had appeared in a film directed by her step-brother Marc.

"In this ground is the body of his daughter Marie-Jo, a suicide in the month of May, 1978, at only twenty-five. His son Marc had called him in Paris to tell him, in the middle of the night. So as to never again be separated from Marie-Jo, Simenon had her body cremated, scattered her ashes in this garden. With the gesture of a sower who wouldn't wait for spring, but who loved the immaculate winter. Then he sat down before his tape recorder with the built-in microphone and spoke: "Hello, my little girl. From now you will share our existence in which you will have your part. Today I was anxious to tell you my joy — yes, my joy — because I know that you are happy also, having finally arrived at your goal."

I never forget reading about that that in a biography of Simenon many years ago
and of course I experienced so much lost love in my life
my father in 1942 at war, a little cat, a dog never replaced
then boarding schol in 1944 age 8 losing my mother's love and my home.

three broken marriages a daughter lost age 2
21 years of night work in increasing isolation

finally a cruel act by my mother 3 a month before she died in 1999
which cost me the inheritance of our family home.
Money I am careless about, but I was so attached to the place of my childhood 230 Widney Lane - the only constant of my life.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Web Crossing Introduction: "Web-X is the short name for Web Crossing, the trademark of software that enables communication through either 'electronic message boards' (also referred to as 'discussion sites') or chat rooms. At Evergreen, Web-X is also referred to as the 'conference server.' So, 'Web-X,' 'Web Crossing' and 'conference server' are synonymous. Of course, you can access our Web-X site from any place in the world where you can get Internet access. "

For Macintosh, go to ftp://ftp.lundeen.com/pub/WebClip/mac/WebClip.hqx
For Windows, go to ftp://ftp.lundeen.com/pub/WebClip/windows/webclip.exe
all very old fashion way of uploading photos

to Politiken on line oops DEBAT Politiken.dk - det levende net

happy memories

Sunday, March 20, 2005

J.Hewitt Family Researcher this is the background to my childhood
J.Hewitt Family Researcher: "Over 1200 people were killed in Coventry in WWII, 808 of these are buried at London Road." and the noise could be heard by me from my bed.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

: "This Site Out Of All Of Our
'Remember When Sites'
Is The Most Popular
I Want To Thank "

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Memories of Crew's Hole by the Avon at Bristol

I used to cycle along the towpath in the aerial photograph to get to the Clifton College Boat Club Google Search: "Clifton College Boat Club"

CLIFTON COLLEGE: "The first ever Government League Table to gauge what value a school adds to it's pupils' performance, was conducted in November 2001 and saw Clifton College come top of over 200 schools in the UK. This equates to a pupil gaining one grade higher in all subjects if they studied at Clifton."