Friday, July 15, 2005

The Few - a Battle of Britain Tribute.

The Few - a Battle of Britain Tribute.

The "Battle of Britain" and the pilots as "The Few". These brave pilots came from
all walks of life, many were trained and experienced, but most had come ...

The Battle of Britain was a historic fact. We won it, the Germans lost it and in so doing suffered their first major reverse of the whole war. But by now, after over 60 years, the historical facts have been shrouded and obscured by a web of myth and legend

Ian Hartas wrote:-
Several years ago, I was honoured to receive a copy of a hand produced book which has the same title as shown above. This book is actually a photograph album. In it are the recollections and results of many years of research by Flt. Lt. J.H. Holloway, M.B.E., RAF (Retd). He began this work in 1957 and it was not until 1976 that he had most of the information needed to complete the book. Sadly he died in 1986 before his life's ambition had been completed.

2,945 copies of this album have been produced -- one for each of those known as "The Few".
Where the person had died, the album was passed to the nearest known living relative.

With the permission of the people who completed his work, I have created this web site with the intention that memory of "The Few" is kept alive.

I was too young to know or remember this air battle, which took place far south of Solihull, but we are all in dept to those young men.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Usk railway station

Usk railway station on the Coleford Monmouth Usk and Pontypool Railway line. Photographs and history of the Monmouthshire, Wales railway line

my granny lived just over the hill
I could see the other tunnel mouth form the bottom of the garden

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jesus family tree

Complete Bible Genealogy - Kings of Judah and Israel

The list contains 3086 people with details such as who were their parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, concubines and children.

This is intended as a sort of concordance for reluctant bible readers, but the inconsistencies of the various traditions may never be resolved.

Monday, July 11, 2005


WorldRailFans :: View topic - Unusual station names: "It seems thats by just running through the town of Hell

you missed an opportunity to visit 'Gods expedition' located in the railwaystation. "

Sunday, July 10, 2005

U-Boote, Kontakt zu Freunden

U-Boote, Kontakt zu Freunden
und U 703 (Kptlt. Bielfeld) torpediert den Zerstörer Somali
and my afher was on board and drowned late

U-Boot - Poesie und Gedichte der U-Boot-Maenner

U-Boat Crew Album

U-Boat Crew Lists

In Memoriam

There are no roses on a sailor's grave
No lilies on an ocean wave
The only tribute is the seagull's sweeps
And the teardrops that a sweetheart weeps